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Making Life Easier for Volunteers

I am the director of Project Outreach, the biggest food pantry in Rhode Island. As many as 600 clients visit our site on weekdays.

With this much volume, it has always been a challenge to register, re-register, and keep track of clients by pen and paper.

This has been demanding work, especially when we had to submit reports to the Food Bank and FEMA.

With bosWell, now we can see instantly the number of clients, how many visits they make, where they live, and customize the information we need to see.

We have been using bosWell for over 18 months now and I myself have registered clients using it.

Once familiarized, it literally takes 5 seconds to check in an existing client. The social worker on site agrees to this as well.

Quick Video Overview

The Top 8 Reasons Food Pantries Use bosWell

1. Automatic reporting
Get the data you need for grant money fast– Without wasting your time copying paper forms to Excel.
2. Easy to use for volunteers
Large text that is easy to read. Works on the phones and tablets your volunteers already have.
Screenshot of the Report screen on desktop Screenshot of providing assistance on mobile
3. Reduce
Clients can pre-register on their phone, tablet, or computer. When they arrive, simply search for their name and everything is ready.
4. Stay in touch with clients
You received a shipment of perishable food, or you're closed because of a snow storm. Alert your clients with our group email and text messaging.
5. Customize intake forms
Meet your pantry's unique needs with easy-to-add form fields, including those currently in use. bosWell makes the transition for volunteers simple.
With the use of bosWell we have been able to monitor and track guest activities, streamline our intake process and refine our record keeping methods. We recommend their services highly and without reservation.
6. Faster client intake
Process clients quicker than ever before. Works for both in-person and drive-through pickup.
7. Training and support
Our team will help set everything up the way you need, plus answer any questions you have.
8. Client
Check in repeat clients with one button. When their info changes, you can update just one part instead of filling out a new form.

Let Us Show You How it Works

A 30 minute guided tour could end up saving you hundreds of hours. And bosWell is free forever for community-based organizations, so you have nothing to lose.
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